Can i get a loan on a 457 visa

A common question that 457 visa holders ask when they come to Australia is “Can i get a loan on a 457 visa?“.

The answer is yes, you can get a home loan whilst on a 457 visa! But it is best to get professional help.

Some lenders will approve home loans for 457 visa holders. However, this is not widely known even with the bank branch loan officers of the banks that do offer home loans for 457 visa holders.

So what is the solution? Contact Oak Laurel mortgage brokers. Oak Laurel mortgage brokers have a team of specialist lending experts that know the about the different options available for 457 visa holders, and most importantly, how to get the loan approved!

Lending to visa holders such as 457 visa holders is different from lending to Australian residents. There are different requirements and limitations. Many banks will not lend to non-residents and there can be a big difference in the interest rates, fees and other criteria for those banks that do.

Avoid the disappointment of having your loan rejected. Use a mortgage broker like Oak Laurel that has a lending team that specialises in home loans for non-resident and temporary visa holders!

This will maximise your chance of getting a great result!

See more information about home loans for 457 visa holders here: Home loans for 457 visa holders



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