First home buyers buying an investment property will be big losers from bank policy changes

First home buyers buying an investment property for the benefits of rental income and negative gearing will be big losers from the new lending requirements


Why would first home buyers buy an investment property?

With prices already high in Sydney, which first home buyer can afford to purchase an owner occupied home to live in? Super rich? People who want to spend most of their income repaying their mortgage? As a first home buyer, regardless of if you are buying in Sydney or another place, it can make sense to buy a first home as an investment property. The rent helps to make the mortgage payments and negative gearing helps out at the start when there is a shortfall between the rent and the mortgage interest.

What makes it harder for FHB to borrow for an Investment property now?

With lending policies making it harder to get higher loan to value ratio loans for investment properties, now first home buyers buying an investment property must somehow find additional savings to put towards the deposit. However, in rising markets like Sydney and Melbourne, property prices are rising faster than many first home buyers can save for the deposit especially when a larger deposit is required.

So what is the answer for first home buyers taking out an investment property loan?

If the first home buyer has family that want to help and the family member has equity in their property a guarantor home loan may be a good option.

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Others can still access higher loan to value ratio loans for investment properties.

Don’t have family that can help you out? Maybe you are not even a first home buyer?

Some lenders are still lending at higher loan to value ratios for investment property loans. The many banks may have cowered to the pressure of the APRA but other non-bank lenders are not regulated by APRA and are operating as usual for investors.

It will be these non-bank lenders that will benefit from APRA’s crackdown as investors seek new ways to invest with leverage.

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Will these new bank rules stop price rises in the housing market?

No, this is not the prick that bursts a bubble. There is still plenty of demand for property in Australia both from locals and foreign investors. Property investors borrowing to buy property may get a little spooked when they walk into their local bank branch and get told ‘no’. However, smart investors will go to a good mortgage broker, like Oak Laurel, and find out that there are still lending options available.

The rules are not designed to stop gains in the property market. In fact they are in effect designed to keep the property market going strong. The measures are designed to ensure that major banks are not too heavily secured by investor loans. It will really give the non-bank lenders who are not regulated by APRA a selling point and introduce a bit more competition into the investment property loan market and home loan market more generally.


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