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Private Equity Funding For Property Development

Oak Laurel can assist you to obtain private equity funding for property development.

We can assist you with private equity of up to $10 million per project to quality property development projects.

Profit split with private equity investors / partners

The equity is raised through private investors under an Australian Financial Services Licence. The project profits will be split with the private investors at 50% of the profit. Capital raising fees apply, but can also be funded.

Do you and your development project qualify for private equity funding?

Qualifying developers

To qualify for the private equity funds you will need to be an experienced developer with at least 10 years of experience, and have developed at least $50 Million in projects.

Qualifying development projects

For your project to qualify, it needs to have:

  • a minimum project return of 20% profit; and
  • maximum of 60% Loan to Value Ratio.

Other criteria apply. Contact us to see if you and your project qualify.

Contact Oak Laurel to arrange private equity funding for your next property development project.


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The post Property Development Private Equity Funding appeared first on Oak Laurel.

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