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Property can be a suitable investment.

Property Strategist Crawford

Australian property can assist to diversify your investment holdings, with various outcomes over time, depending on what type of real estate you purchase. It is therefore important to understand the ins and outs of property investment and its role within your overall investment strategy. We help consumers with the most important elements of investing andto assist them realise their portfolio objectives.

Real estate can be easy to obtain but difficult to get right.
We help you buy for high cash flow, tax benefits & sustainable growth.

You can build means and replace your income in just years not decades, with our proven road-map.

Lean to invest the successful way

Learn how to invest for maximum overall returns, regular rental incomes & maximum tax benefits.
Obtain access to good quality built, affordable properties at discounted prices.
Take the initial move & grab your strategy to financial security now.
Use the key criteria for property investing.

Typically, Ozzies buy real estate either directly or through an investment fund. Usually they purchase the property either with their own name(s), with a trust fund or within an Self Managed Super Fund. They are purchasing property as a portion of their investment proposed action because of the:reliable revenue from rental returns
projected price growth from rising property prices lower level of price fluctuations compared to most other growth oriented types of assets potential of desired tax outcomes (i.e. negative gearing and real property running cost deductions).

We can help clients to purchase residential & commercial real estate directly. All real property purchase decisions must examine the risks & costs, including:

projected rent amount not matching projections
decline in real property value under some market conditions
purchase expenses (e.g. State Government taxes (stamp duty), legal fees, advice costs, property inspection reports and mortgage costs & establishment charges)
ongoing costs (such as real estate maintenance, council and other rates, body corporate charges, bank fees and real estate insurance)
decreased liquidity compared to other asset types (such as shares).

We are property investment specialists working with real estate buyers who are serious about increasing a property portfolio that realises above average returns via a mix of capital gains and rent that achieves a solid return on investment. Whether you are an experienced real estate investor, evaluating the purchase of property for a SMSF, or just starting to invest into the real estate market, having a specific team of researchers on your side is crucial to a successful property investment strategy.
We help minimise the risk, reduce the emotion, save you time & money, and only recommend properties that we would be happy to buy for ourselves.
Our comprehensive real estate investment reports go over the important factors and cycles including:
– supply & demand;
– income and population analysis;
– economic forecasts;
– infrastructure activity; and
– occupancy rates.

Our checks on individual investment properties goes through a rigorous checklist of key investment criteria:
– property condition;
– rental return;
– local supply and demand;
– neighborhood assessment;
– transport;
– employment; and
– local development.

We work with a network of ethical real estate agents, conveyancers and solicitors, mortgage and finance brokers and pest and building inspectors to simplify the entire real estate investment process.
We are a one stop business network for real estate selection, acquisition and property management.

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You don’t need savings to get your wealth strategy going.
Our first step is to show you how to build wealth faster and pay-off your family home sooner.
In the strategy session, we create a road-map that works best for you.

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